Trade in Bahamas

Bahamas was the world’s 168th largest exporter of goods and 92nd largest exporter of commercial services in 2022. Export values were $610 million and $3.67 billion USD respectively. Bahamas’s top export category was Manufactures, followed by Fuels and mining products, and Agricultural products. In 2022, Bahamas’s main export destination markets for goods and services trade were to United States, Ireland and Panama, with trade representing 80.20 per cent of GDP. In terms of imports, Bahamas is the world’s 151st largest importer of goods and 116th largest importer of commercial services. Import values were $3.76 billion and $1.97 billion USD respectively in 2022. Bahamas’s top import category was Manufactures, followed by Agricultural products and Machinery and transport equipment. Leading import partners were United States, China and United Kingdom. Bahamas is part of 3 different Regional Trade Agreements, including Caribbean Community and Common Market (CARICOM) and EU – CARIFORUM States.
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General Information

This section includes general information on the economy, legal system, official languages and links to additional demographic information.

Official Name

The Commonwealth of The Bahamas





WTO Membership Date


Legal System

common law system based on the English model



Number of Time Zone(s)


Additional Information

Financial Information

This section includes financial information such as the currency, exchange rate lookup and local banks issuing trade finance.


Bahamian dollar

Exchange Rate

Google Finance Currencies

Contact Information

This section includes contact information for business support organizations and national resources.

Copyright Offices

  • Registrar General's Department

Industrial Property Offices

  • Registrar General's Department

SPS Enquiry Points

Sanitary and phytosanitary (SPS) enquiry points are government agencies designated to answer questions about trade requirements.
  • Mr. Christopher Worrell
    Bahamas Agricultural Health and Food Safety Authority (BAHFSA)
    Phone: 12426047001

    The Source River Centre
    1000 Bacardi Road N.P.
    The Bahamas

    [email protected]

TBT Enquiry Points

Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) enquiry points are government agencies designated to answer questions about trade requirements.
  • TBT Enquiry Point
    Contact: Marva Williams
    Phone: +1 (242) 362 1748

    1000 Bacardi Road
    The Source River Center

    [email protected]

Additional Information

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Links to other helpful resources

This section includes additional links to trade-related resources.

National Tariff Finder

Trade Information Portal

Additional Link

Trade Information Portal

Additional Link

National Tariff Finder

Last Reviewed: June, 2024

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